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This website is here to bring smiles. My goal is to set my cartoons free on the Internet. All the cartoons on this website are .JPG files perfect for showing on computers, tablets, and smart phones. You are encouraged to use my cartoons in your blogs, school reports, and emails. Email a friend a cartoon you picked especially for them. You are welcome to post the cartoons on social media.

Only one rule

You got the cartoon for free, so you have to give it away. No making money off of my cartoons (that is my job). I hold the copyright and am only letting you share the cartoon laugh. You cannot change the digital file in any way.

If you are a company or a publisher (dead tree or digital) and would like to use one of my cartoons in a book, profit making website, business presentation, or lecture; please read: How to buy a cartoon license

At the top of the page, you will find Cartoons by Category (by the hamburger symbol). Enjoy seeing cartoons in categories that you find interesting!

Find the fun and share the smile. Send cartoons to friends and family. Just copy and past into email, Facebook, Pinterest...etc.

I will be adding lots more cartoons, so keep checking back.

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