Free cartoons

It’s true! All the cartoons on this website are free for personal use. Feel free to share the smiles. You can use them on your personal website, for personal emails to friends, and in posts on your favorite social media.


and this is a big but… you cannot change the file in any way or make money off the art. If you are a business and looking for cartoons, please see: How to buy a cartoon license.

From the "Cartoons by Category" drop down menu (top of page) you will find lots of cartoon categories. So, click and laugh. Be sure to bookmark this site, because I will be adding new cartoons regularly.

If you are interested in drawing, scroll to the bottom of the categories list to find - how to draw - tutorials. These are all free too.

Want to know more about me, the cartoonist? See: Who is the cartoonist?

More free stuff is housed at my other site,

Here you will find clipart for spot color,  funnies, and smiles. Great for presentations, signs, reports, and sharing with friends. It's all free!

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