How to draw a baby dragon


Meet Puff Puff, Mrs. Copitch’s pet baby dragon. He is a lot of fun. He is learning math, reading, and how to fly.

Draw the lines very lightly. They will be erased later. When I draw I only use gray pencil to get started, then I use pen to finish. After I pen over the lines I erase all the pencil. That is why I use very light pencil marks, making them easier to erase.

Let’s start with the rough draft of a body. Start about the middle of your paper. Dragons are big you know, so you will need room.

Let’s add very rough legs. We are trying to gestimate where all the dragon parts go.

Now we add the neck.

Then a rough idea of a dragon head.

Now the dragon’s tail.

But our dragon has wings! Let’s add the outline of wings.

One last rough draft part. Let’s add the eyes, nose holes, and fire that will be coming out of Puff Puff.

Looking pretty good.


The next step is to start putting in the slightly darker lines that we will trace over with pen later. Don’t forget, we will be erasing these lines later, so not too heavy. I will use colors to help you see my new lines.

The body with the tail.

The legs


The head


The wings


The end of the tail and the protective back spikes


The fire and smoke


The body bits like chest armor and back dots.

Puff Puff is starting to look good. At this point I carefully erase lots of the lines I don't want anymore, making it easy to see the lines I really want to keep.

I go through a lot of erasers when I draw.

I need to be careful to only pen over the lines I want to keep for the final art. This can be tricky, so go slowly and make sure to pen only the lines you are sure you want. Watch for sneaky lines like some of the red lines in my drawing that should be hidden by the legs, or the back lines that should be hidden by the wing. I’m going to erase these tricksters before I pen them by accident. Remember, yours will all be the same color, so pay close attention.

This is the fun part for me. I now get to pen exactly what Puff Puff will look like.

Don’t forget to sign your art.

If you want, you can add colors. It’s your artwork so you get to choose the colors. These are what I chose today. Probably tomorrow I would feel like using different colors.


Thanks for drawing with me. Don’t forget to put away your art supplies. We wouldn’t want a puppy or a baby dragon to chew them up!


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