How to draw a fat cartoon cat


Draw the lines very lightly. They will be erased later. When I draw, I only use a regular gray pencil to get started, then I use pen to finish. After I pen over the lines I erase all the pencil. That is why I use very light pencil marks, making them easier to erase.


I want to draw this happy chubby fellow. I drew him for a cartoon that I will show you at the end of this lesson.

I start with the rough basic shape of a fat cat.

Once I have the basic shape I add ears and legs.


Now I get a little more fat cat like in my rough body shape. Remember, we are going to draw lots of soft lines, all of which we will erase when we no longer need them.


Let’s rough draw the ears a little better. I will also add a bit of hair on top, because I think that makes fat cats look funnier.

Now we can add a collar and a big bell.


Our cat will need a happy face. I rough it in like this.


Fat cats need a patch for belly hair. It makes them cute.

This is a good time to erase the first very rough lines we drew so we can see our fat cat better.

In this section I am going to use color pencil lines to help you see what I am adding. However, when I draw I only use gray pencil, pressed lightly so I can easily erase them later after I pen over the lines I want to keep. Let’s start with the happy face.

Whiskers anybody?


Head and face lines go like this.


Ears and head hair tuft look kind of like this.

Next we draw the collar and a big cartoon bell.


I used green here to show you the shoulders and hind legs.

Dark green for the front legs and toes.

Red shows fat cat’s tummy fur.


Now I carefully pen over the lines I like. I take my time and add little details like the waves of fur or the shapes of toes. After the pen is dry, I erase all the pencil lines. Boy there is a lot of erasing involved with drawing!

I used this fellow in a cartoon. Fat cat seems a little confused about what a mouse is.


You can buy this cartoon printed on a shirt, mug, or a mouse pad.

Thanks for drawing with me. Don’t forget to put away your art supplies. We wouldn’t want a fat cat to chew them up!

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