How to draw a cartoon space alien

We start with guide shapes. Draw them very lightly with a pencil. Later we are going to erase these guides. I have drawn them in color so it will be easier for you to see them. I recommend you use a regular pencil. Color pencil is harder to erase.

We start with the guide shapes

We use the guides to help us see the cartoon space alien’s parts.

Let’s use the guides to help us draw the head and antennae. Space aliens need antennae. (I guess.)

Now the body

Next we add arms.

Hands are tricky because they have small areas to draw and they can show the emotions of the cartoon character. Take your time and draw lightly. The eraser is my best friend when I am drawing hands.

Feet, we need feet!

Let’s start the face. I know that this alien is looking for cats, so I will give it a long nose to help sniff them out from behind a couch.

I have made the mouth look as if the alien is talking. I haven't added the pupils to his eyes yet. I wonder where he is going to be looking?

Here is my pencil line art in black and white the way it might look on your paper. Nice and messy. Remember, we will erase all the lines we don’t need. Now we will pen over the art, then it will be time to erase the pencil lines.

My alien friend is looking pretty good. The pencil lines are erased, and I am happy with my cartoon friend.

Color if you wish. It is your art, enjoy!

Let’s look at the cartoon that this alien went into.

Holy cow, this is a naughty alien!!!!!

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