How to draw a sea monster

Draw the lines very lightly. They will be erased later. When I draw, I only use a regular gray pencil to get started, then I use pen to finish. After I pen over the lines I erase all the pencil. That is why I use very light pencil marks, making them easier to erase.

I want to draw this ferocious sea monster. I drew her for a book illustration that I will show you at the end of this lesson.

I start with a very rough outline. I will use color pencils so it will be easier for you to see the different parts of the drawing.

Next we start with a rough idea for the monster’s face.

Let’s add the sea floor. I want my sea monster to be coming up and looking around. Later I will add a cave with her babies hiding safely.

Mommy sea monster’s neck will need to be strong.

The rough details of her left hand

The other hand.

Sea monsters need to have protective scales on their chest.

Now let’s add a lot more detail to the neck, top of the head, and face.


Let’s carefully erase lots of the first very rough lines.

Now comes the fun part. I use a pen and slowly and carefully build all the parts. I like the way the art comes alive as the dark lines bring the sea monster out of the page.


When the ink is dry, I erase all the pencil.

Add color if you wish.

Thanks for drawing with me. Don’t forget to put away your art supplies. We wouldn’t want a sea monster taking them to their cave in the deep blue sea!

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