How to draw a very happy cartoon fish

When we are done our fish will look like this happy fellow.

We start with guide shapes. Draw them very lightly with a pencil. Later we are going to erase these guides. I have drawn them in color so it will be easier for you to see them. I recommend you use a regular pencil. Color pencil is harder to erase.

We use the guides to help us see the parts of our fish.

The body shape is up to you…

Let’s add an eye to our fish friend.

Fins seem very important if you are a fish.

Adding a smile makes me smile!

Now we go over the lines we want to keep in pen. Then we erase all the pencil lines.

Don’t forget to sign your work.

You can add color and designs if you want.

Fish need to hide from, or confuse bigger fish that want to eat them. They can do this with their colorful camouflage.

Have fun, be creative! You can’t do it wrong!

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