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I started drawing by tracing the funny papers (newspaper comics). In the old days, newspapers printed cartoons so adults could have a little chuckle with their daily dose of news. For you kids out there who do not know what a newspapers is, they were like web pages printed on paper and delivered daily to your house. They were delivered by the paperboy who would throw them into the bushes, just to the left of the front porch.

The Sunday paper was my favorite because the comics were in color. I would lie on the living room floor and copy Snoopy and the great prehistoric characters from BC. I loved the simple lines that made up a cartoon character. Just a few squiggles and suddenly the art had personality.

Follow these links to learn some tricks of the trade in gag cartooning. It’s lots of fun and you can’t get it wrong…unless you draw on the walls. But that is a story for another day. (I still can’t get over that my mom didn’t believe me when I told her the dog did it.)

What you will need:

• Pencil

• Paper

• Eraser (big)

• Pen

• Ruler

• Circle stencils

(Jar tops and cans from the kitchen, different sizes - ask first.)

• Crayons or colored makers - if you want to add color.


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