This is Number 80, my dog.

Let's learn how to draw him

If you can draw an eight and a zero, you can draw Number 80.

He is a happy fellow and loves to be drawn.



In the center of your drawing paper, draw your guide shapes. (The boxes below) This will help you get Number 80’s size just right.

Draw the lines very lightly. They will be erased later. I used color so you could see the shapes better.

<- head

<- neck


With a pencil lightly draw a circle. Later we will pen over the parts we want to keep and erase the pencil lines we do not want. Lots of drawing is really erasing lines we don’t want or like anymore.

Let’s add Number 80’s cheeks. It is the number 8 on its side. You can turn the paper so it is easier to draw your number 8.

Let’s add a nice nose with a shiny light spot and 2 eyes.

Now comes the mouth: just 2 small curved lines.

The ears are a little tricky. They are 8’s tilted a little bit onto their sides. You can rotate the paper so it is easier to draw the number 8.


Remember, draw lightly. We will be erasing the pencil lines later.

This little line is to help us form the outside of Number 8’s ear.

Number 80 needs a neck!

Ready to add the body?

Number 80’s toes are just zeros with little “v”s placed in them to look like nails.

v v v                       v v v

go in toes!

Now we carefully go over the lines we like in pen then erase the ones we don’t need anymore.

Don’t forget your signature. An artist should always sign their work.

Color your work if you wish. You pick the colors you like.

Bonus: Make new cartoon dog friends for Number 80.

By playing with the lines just a little you can get lots of different dog friends.


Remember: Cartooning is fun. You can’t get it wrong. Enjoy!

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