How do you draw Santa Claus

From my book: Christmas Cartoons, iPad and kindle editions.


We start by drawing the guides for Santa’s head.

The red circles are for Santa’s face and beard. I recommend you draw them lightly with a pencil. We are going to erase them later.

When I was a little cartoonist, I collected lots of jar tops. I had some very small ones, and some huge ones, and lots in between. That way I could use them as a stencil for whatever size I needed.

The blue lines are for helping us find Santa’s eyes, nose and lips. I’m using color so you can see them in my examples, you should draw them lightly with a pencil so you can easily erase them later.

You probably have noticed that I’ve talked about erasing stuff. A cartoonist constantly erases. In fact I will erase all of what I draw on purpose. I draw lightly with a pencil until I figure out where bits go, then I erase all the lines I don’t want. Leaving only the bits I like. At the end I have a nice pencil drawing of what I want. Once I’m happy, I draw over my pencil art with a pen. Then I erase all the pencil. Only the pen is left in the final drawing. I go through a lot of erasers.

Draw lightly so we can erase later.

Eyes set the feeling for the cartoon face.

Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect, this is cartooning, a perfect cartoon will look very boring. We are looking for funny. Funny is often a little messy.

Eyes and nose go by the guides. If you move them a little, it’s ok. It will give Santa a different expression.

Eye brows add a feeling of thought.

Santa’s beard can be bigger than the guides. Sometimes his beard is really big, other times he just came home from the barber and it is nice and trim.

Note that I don’t really draw Santa’s mouth. His beard is too fluffy to see it. I give the illusion of bristles, by angling the mustache hairs.

Santa’s beard is usually large. I tend to make it look hairy by drawing little angles.

Santa’s hat is big. I like to draw it furry and a little floppy so he can stay warm. Santa has a little hair left on the roof that sticks out from under his hat.

I added Santa’s shoulders just for fun!

With shoulders Santa is looking pretty good.

All the lines I like I go over in pen. Then all the pencil lines are erased.

Add a little color and the jolly fellow is ready to hang on the refrigerator.

Ho, ho, ho!

How do you draw Santa Claus

From my book: Christmas Cartoons, iPad and kindle editions.


Thanks for drawing with me. Happy drawing…

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